To anyone that doesn’t follow basketball, Golden State Warriors is a NBA basketball team located in Oakland, CA. They are also the reigning champs for 2018!

The Warriors parade was on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to take part of the celebration again (I’m 3 for 3 in parade attendance since 2015). Going to the parade was totally spontaneous. I only received the approval of my time off that morning and I was not prepared at all. I figured, “It’s meant to be, right?” So, I lugged my photography gear and took the Bart train to Oakland.

Overcome with stress, I kept thinking how late I already was and how I was all by myself. It was so last minute that none of my family or friends could go. I figured I won’t find a good spot to take photos from and will be lost among the crowd. I thought, “this is a bad idea” and considered heading back, but I didn’t want to lose a great opportunity to take photos. Luckily, I found a spot along a sea of fans and found myself standing next to fellow Filipinos who were nice enough to take me in with them (kabayan!).

Something different that they did this year was to not have a rally. The team wanted to spend more time with the fans so many of the players came down from their double-decker buses and immersed themselves among the people. The whole place was lively and everyone was ecstatic. People were standing under the very hot sun (it was 90s weather that day) just to partake in this historic celebration. I’m so glad I came. I was able to capture great photos and experience being part of the Bay Area community.

See some of my favorite shots below:

KD walking among the fans saying hi!

Jordan Bell partying it up on top of the bus

Steph Curry was going around dancing and giving fans high-fives

Quinn Cook and KD on top of the bus smiling at everyone

Even E40 was slapping hands with fans

Here are some of the coaching staff

Here’s Klay getting ready to pop the champagne

Draymond just hanging out

Though this mini-adventure was last minute and was scary, I say it was worth it. It taught me that I can do things by myself…I just have to be brave and do it.

See the rest of the photos I took below, enjoy!

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