Lisa Marie + John = Luna | Family Portraits | Clayton, CA

Say hello to this adorable family! This is Lisa Marie, her hubby, John and their little bundle of joy Luna.
I had the opportunity of taking their first professional family photos (Yay!). They were referred to me by a friend, and told me that they just moved to Northern California from Montgomery, AL (how exciting!). So far, they said they are loving NorCal because of its scenery, and of course, the weather!
We did a shoot mid-day on a weekend at Clayton, CA. The weather was not that hot, just perfect for little Luna. I asked them to bring some toys to help me with getting Luna’s attention and it worked like magic. She was very curious about the noise the lens made and giggled when her parents did something silly (like doing squats behind me lol).
Lisa Marie mentioned some of little Luna’s favorite things in the world, like an old rocking horse named Dorito and being carried by her daddy in her carrier. As for quirks, Luna loves to be scared by her parents; she even tries to jump out of nowhere to scare her parents too. Lisa Marie says that Luna is very much like her dad. She’s been posting photos on her IG pictures showing them looking and acting the same exact way (talk about twinsies!).
This shoot was so much fun and I can’t wait to take little Luna’s 1st birthday portraits.

Here are the some of my favorite shots from the photo shoot.

Allen & Richie | Fashion | San Francisco, CA

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It’s always so much fun when you get to do new things, and I got to do a lot of firsts on this shoot.
I took Allen & Richie’s portraits in the Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA. This was a first since I’ve never shot there before. We did the shoot after work, on a sunny afternoon at around 5:30 or so. The streets was busy and was filled with people leaving work, heading to happy hour, and some heading to the Warriors game.
I have not seen both of them since high school (which was a very long time ago) so it was really nice catching up. You can tell they have grown into great men; looking all spiffy and very handsome. It was also the first time I did a fashion/street photo shoot with guys. The shoot went well since these two were very comfortable in front of the camera. They just both beamed of confidence, and it shows.
I really love how these turned out! I cannot wait to do more firsts; they do say “life begins when you get out of your comfort-zone.”

Kristin and Enrique | Portraits | Napa Valley, CA

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Meet Kristin and Enrique!
When we we’re planning the shoot, they really wanted to do it at a winery. When it comes to wineries, there is no other place better than Napa Valley, CA. The sun was just peeking through at 7 in the morning and the weather was just right.
The two of them were very comfortable in front of the camera (and why not? they’re a gorgeous couple). They laughed, giggled and was so sweet. The shoot was a blast!
Their love story is just as cute as they are. They met by chance at David Grant Medical Center in Travis, CA where Enrique was stationed. A mutual friend introduced them and during that time Kristin was living in Portland, OR, which is Enrique’s hometown (coincidence?). A couple of months later, they met back up in Portland, went on an ultimate date and the rest is history. Three and a half years later and they tied the knot in the beautiful island of Hawaii. They recently bought a house, adopted a puppy and have a baby on the way!
I just want to congratulate you two and wish you luck in your new adventures.