Amps, Junior and Kamila – Family Session

I have been so busy with photo sessions and events that I am so behind on my blog posts. Here I am trying to get caught up so bear with me.

This was a summer session that I did with this adorable family. It was a sunny morning in Concord and we decided to shoot at one of my favorite parks. The little cutie Kamila was rocking a red and blue tutu for Independence day and she was just cute as a button.

Just look at this very happy baby! I have never seen such a cheesy tot like Kamila. Of course, she gets her great smile from her mom and dad.

This was one of my favorite sessions by far. They were just lots of fun to shoot.

Just look at that adorable smile! ^_^

Daddy’s Little Angel.

If you’re in the East Bay Area, and want to book a family session contact me at | 925.381.0749.

Thanks for all the support!



Devin, Jose and Santino – Family Session

Before the end of summer, I had a chance to do a family portrait session with this adorable family. We decided to do it on a sunny weekend at a park in Concord. The leaves were just starting to change colors with the changing season, and the weather was perfect. Baby Santino was such a good baby and was cheesing’ the entire time. The session went great and was a total blast!

Here are some Mommy and Baby Shots

Here are some Daddy and Baby Shots

Just look at this family ^ Adorbs! Amirite?

…and this one ^ AWW!

Here are some Santino’s Solo Pics

We went ahead and took some couple shots for Mom and Dad!

If you’re in the East Bay Area, and want to book a family session contact me at | 925.381.0749.

Thanks for all the support!



Gigi and Sam | Mother and Daughter Portraits | Concord, CA

CUTE BABY ALERT! Last month, I scheduled a session with a mother and her baby daughter who received a gift certificate. We decided to do it on a nice Saturday morning in a park in Concord, CA. It is usually harder to shoot with babies because they do not take any direction, so you have to follow their lead. Sam, however, was a joy to shoot. She was smiling through out the whole shoot and did not fuzz. She loved looking into the camera and was just so adorable. Here are some shots that I took of them.


Luna Turns One | Portraits | Vacaville, CA

I can’t believe this little munchkin is now 1.

Her parents celebrated adorable little Luna’s first birthday with a cake smash session in Vacaville, CA. We decided to shoot at a local park during golden hour, and the results are amaze-balls. I was kind of nervous to do the shoot since it was my first cake smash ever and I don’t usually shoot kids. Fortunately though, Luna was a natural.

Luna was a good sport during the whole shoot. She really is a little bundle of joy and is full of curiosity. She crawled everywhere and checked out everything that she saw, from her toys to the green grass and leaves. She laughed and grabbed anything that she can get her hands on. After her portraits, we then took out the cake for her cake smash session.

She stared at the cake for the longest, looking kind of puzzled. She was probably thinking “Why is my mom allowing me to make a mess with this delicious and cute looking cake?” She slowly crawled towards it, but was still unsure of what to do. A little bit after, she went ahead and gave in to her curiosity and demolished the cake.

It must have been a very sticky clean up for Luna’s Mom and Dad. I hope that they had just as much fun as I did.

Aww! Look at her little toesies.

***Kudos to Luna’s Mama for creating her very awesome and colorful tutu. I kinda want one for me haha***

Veronica | Fashion | Sutro Baths in San Francisco, CA

Here are the photos I took of sf fashion blogger Veronica, aka @FourThreads. We decided to shoot at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, CA. We were hoping for some sun but @KarlTheFog was not having it that day. I have never been to this location before and the view was great. This spot is a photographer’s dream! You can walk around and you’ll find many very different backdrops to use. We opted for spot next to the water for this particular outfit. She stood out against the blue hues of the ocean and the wall. This is probably one of my favorite photoshoots because of great company, an awesome location and perfect lighting.

For this shoot, Veronica wore a nice ivory-colored, drop waist, chiffon dress from Cupcakes & Cashmere, paired with some cute boots. See this outfit in her blog post here and featured on OOTD here.