I’m so excited for this new series! I will be visiting 100 coffee shops all over the bay (for now) to find spots with yummy coffee and teas. I’ve always love finding quaint and unique spaces; so that, plus my love of lattes, and taking photos, this series is perfect!

Lucky for me, I have a coffeeholic friend to tag along with me on this series. Say Hello, G!


Our first stop is a spot in Walnut Creek, CA called the Coffee Shop. We decided to visit on a Friday after work. I was surprised that they were open until 11PM. I guess it’s never too late for coffee! It was a really cold night so a warm beverage was just fitting.

The place had an industrial style. The tables, chairs and decor was made of wood and metal, which I dig very much. You would think that because of the style it would give a cold vibe, but it was actually pretty warm and cozy. There were a good amount of people inside. A handful of them were there to share artwork, almost like a meet up. Some people were doing work and others catching up with friends.

The service was prompt and the people making the coffee seems nice. I wanted a Matcha green tea latte but they ran out of matcha *bummer*. Instead I asked for a Peppermint Mocha and G ordered a Maple Latte. Overall, it was a good experience! Coffee was good and company was nice. Maybe we’ll check out the other locations too. Here are some of the photos I took:

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A Great View of the Grand Canyon

During a trip to Las Vegas, NV last year, my family decided to take a 4-hour drive to the beautiful state of Arizona to take a looksie of the Grand Canyon. My mom has been wanting to go and we’ve been putting it off because it is a good 10-hour drive from the bay. The weather was WARM, even warmer than Las Vegas so we made sure to pack a lot of sun screen and hats. Even the drive up was beautiful, we stopped by for a stretch break and saw the beautiful view above.

When we arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park, we stopped at the gate to purchase a vehicle pass. The entrance fee was $30, and it was good for 7 days. What a deal!

We parked and started walking up the visitors center. Everything was marked and going around was easy. You can either take the bus around to see the spots or walk around. We decided to take a walk.

The rocks (or I guess boulders?) was massive and I had to take photos. BTW don’t mind my not suitable for the occasion foot wear (it is a result of poor planning). Here’s a snap, Tada!

Look at this rock wall, interesting eh? Nature sure is beautiful!

We got lucky with the weather. The skies were clear and the sun lit the Grand Canyon beautfully. I was at awe at how beautiful the view was. Every couple of steps and the view of the canyon changes. I probably took hundreds of pictures there. Here are some of my faves:

You can see how GRAND the Grand Canyon is compared to those tiny people. Whoa!



After hours of roaming around, we had food at their little grocery store. The sun was setting and we started our 4-hour trip back to Las Vegas.

I really wish we could stay more days and explore the canyon more. I bet I have not even fully experienced the Grand Canyon yet. I will save that for another trip. This is definitely not the last time I visit this wonderful place. See you later, Arizona!

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HELLO 2017!

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally here. I hope that everyone had a good holiday. I know everyone is probably getting back to their normal routines, which means it’s time to get back to work. Over the holidays, I put my inner #girlboss to work. I am so glad to be sharing with you what I have in store for this upcoming year.

In the last 3 years that I have been doing photography. I’ve always felt that there was still something more that I wanted to do. I’ve always loved taking photos but I’ve always felt that there was something else missing. Last year, I took a brief hiatus to determine what direction I want to take my business. It took a lot of thinking, going back and forth, and a lot of planning and finally I have an idea of what was missing. I felt that I have so much more to offer than just photography. I need to fuel my creativity more and I want to do the same for others. So this year, I am expanding this blog to not just photography but to so much more.

I have been working on expanding my blog to not only be about photography but also to my other passions such as D.I.Y. projects and travel. I am also challenging myself to blog more often (at least once a week often to be exact).

I also planned out some cool projects for this year. To start, I am hashing up a project for February called “This is Love” so watch out for that. I am also doing to launch a weekly photography project, starting this week so check out my IG (@kai.sotto) if you want to participate with me.This will definitely help me spark up my creativity and hopefully it does the same for you.

Lastly, I’ve revamped my website and my portfolio site. Still in the works, so be patient with me. I am even adding a shop that will have various cute finds such as mugs, frames, pre-loved items and more. I plan to do this in the middle of this year.

Exciting things are ahead and I am ready. I have a good feeling about 2017. I wish you all a prosperous and happy new year. I hope that you too let your inner #girlboss out and together we can #slay2017!

❤ kai

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Tonga, April, Jace and Jordan – Holiday Family Session

It’s the holidays and I just wrapped up this year’s Holiday Mini-Sessions. I was given the opportunity to capture this lovely family’s holiday photos this year and it was a blast. I loved everything that day. The weather was perfect. I especially loved their matching outfits and matching Timberlands for the boys. Here are some of my favorite shots!

They are just so adorable. The boys were so playful and did really good. The whole shoot went smoothly.

After we took pictures by the fence and the leaves, we headed down towards the wooden bridge. I swear, this park is one of my favorite spots. We did some candid shots and they turned out great!

Lastly, we cannot forget some shots with just mom and dad. They are such a cute couple. *Maww* This one is one of my faves.

If you’re in the East Bay Area, and want to book a family session contact me at hello@kaisotto.com | 925.381.0749.

Thanks for all the support!



Amps, Junior and Kamila – Family Session

I have been so busy with photo sessions and events that I am so behind on my blog posts. Here I am trying to get caught up so bear with me.

This was a summer session that I did with this adorable family. It was a sunny morning in Concord and we decided to shoot at one of my favorite parks. The little cutie Kamila was rocking a red and blue tutu for Independence day and she was just cute as a button.

Just look at this very happy baby! I have never seen such a cheesy tot like Kamila. Of course, she gets her great smile from her mom and dad.

This was one of my favorite sessions by far. They were just lots of fun to shoot.

Just look at that adorable smile! ^_^

Daddy’s Little Angel.

If you’re in the East Bay Area, and want to book a family session contact me at hello@kaisotto.com | 925.381.0749.

Thanks for all the support!