MINI-ADVENTURE 01: Dubz Against The World Art Exhibit

Hello there! If you didn’t know already, I am from the Bay Area. I live about 45 minutes away from San Francisco, and as you can probably tell from this post. I AM A WARRIORS FAN!


Last month, they had an art exhibit on anything and everything Warriors called #Dubz Against The World. It was at the SOMArts Cultural Center in SF and was for a limited time only, so of course me and my fellow “Splash Sister” had to go see it.

The ticket was pretty cheap at around $10 per ticket and I’m always down to go to the city to do some exploring. We decided to take Bart (our metro system) to avoid any slow traffic and paying parking fees…not to mention crazy drivers…just kidding, I AM THE CRAZY DRIVER. LOL! The Bart ride was good, but I didn’t account for the walking time from the Bart station to the actual place. It took us probably around 20-30 mins (with my short legs) to get there.

We got there early enough that there was not a lot of people. The walls was filled with different art works, and the tables with random Warriors items for sale. They had the place set up with a DJ, a bar and food trucks. I was surprised to see that the artworks on the walls were for sale too. I was tempted to snatch some but the ones I liked were too out of my budget. I did end up getting a poster! See some of the artworks below and comment on which ones you liked the best!


Here’s G exploring the wall of bball players XD…

…and ME. Hello there! 😀

Here are some drawings inspired by Jordan sneakers. So creative! ♥

I love the portraits above!

Below is one of my faves!
Riley Curry is so cute!

Splash Brothers… Bahahahaha XD

Be sure to comment which ones you like the most. Thanks for stopping by.

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♥ kai

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