Kai is a Filipino native and self-taught photographer and blogger based in San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in portrait and fashion photography. Other than photography, she loves arts and crafts, food and travel. Please feel free to reach out to her for collaboration projects!

Hello! I’m Kai.

I am a photographer and a brand new blogger. I am passionate about anything artsy such as photography, D.I.Y. projects and cooking. I also love to travel and go on mini-adventures. I am an accountant by day and needs a creative outlet to keep my sanity. That is where my photography and now, this blog comes in. I am starting a blog as a way to capture my thoughts, connect with people and share my passion with the world. Hopefully you you’re as excited as me as I start this online journey with all of you. I am so happy you stopped by!


Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.

– Robert Bresson