100 COFFEE SHOPS: 02. Home at San Francisco, CA

Coffee Shop Series No. 2! This post is long overdue. Just got back from our Europe vacation and now just getting back into the swing of things. So to celebrate my coming back to reality, my coffee-holic friend, G and I went to another coffee shop. This time in San Francisco, CA.
Our coffee shop destination is Home. We found this spot through Yelp! We we’re intrigued about their Birthday Cake Latte and Condensed Milk Toast. We left a little later in the day and got stuck in traffic and almost missed our chance to check it out.

The place had a clean and modern look. It had white walls, with a blue tile wall accent and the lit letter decor spelling the word, HOME. There was a huge skylight and the front windows let in a lot of natural light (perfect for selfies and taking coffee pics!) I love the simple design of the place and the home-y feel of it. I wish there was more seating, but they tell you to feel free and share tables with other people.

G decided to try the Birthday Cake Latte and I had the Nutella Hot Chocolate. I was sad because my cup was not as cute as G’s but at least it was DELICIOUS! I was also sad because they informed us that the kitchen is closed and that we cannot order the Condensed Milk Toast *sad face* We then sat and chatted up about my vacation and planned our future adventures over our yummy drinks. All of a sudden, it was closing time. I wish we could’ve stayed longer to take more pictures and enjoy the place. We’ll definitely go earlier next time.

*If you’re planning on checking this coffee shop out, make sure to check their hours (HERE)! Some drinks to try are the Birthday Cake Latte, Lavender Latte, Cookie Monster and Red Velvet Latte. Also try the Condensed Milk Toast.

That’s it for now, until next time!

♥ kai

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