Style Snaps: Beach Session with Designer, Alyssa Nicole


I am so excited to share this post to everyone. I have been waiting to post about this style session, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I just love how the images turned out. Here are some of my favorite images from my latest shoot with SF-based designer, Alyssa Nicole.

I have worked with Alyssa before and instantly fell in love with her brand and the beautiful pieces that she creates. I want them all (hehe). Alyssa’s dresses are so feminine, romantic and luxurious. I love the neutral colors, flowy feel and the fact that they are custom made per person.


We did our shoot at Stinson Beach and decided to wait for the sunset to get that perfect lighting. Hard to believe from the images but it was so crowded and windy that day. We made it work and Alyssa was a champ. See my favorite shots below.

The Holly Dress

If you like what you see, check out Alyssa’s store for more dresses, tops, skirts and even home items.

Visit her shop here Alyssa-Nicole.

Thanks for stopping by!

For session inquiries, email me at hello[at]

♥ kai

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I have been living in the Bay Area for 14 years and though I have done a lot of sight seeing when my family and I first moved here, there are still tons of things to do and see. So I spent a day to explore some of the sights my city has to offer.

First on the list was food. We were driving around town and was starting to get hungry when we saw this spot. It was a small donut shop on Noriega Street called, Twisted Donuts and Coffee. It was close to the first spot on our list and well the egg plant purple building caught our attention LOL.

I went and got the Maple Bacon Donut (seen above) and boy was it yummy! They had tons of other options too and the service was good. After eating, we then went of to our first tourist spot on the list called, The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps.

It is a total of 164 tile-designed steps that is in the heart of a residential area. Luckily, there was not a lot of people checking the place out and there were tons of parking. We didn’t go all the away up to the Grand View Park though, which I heard had a great panoramic view of the city (definitely will do that next time!). Below are some other photos from that spot, including my friend G in front of a perfect Instagram background. LOL

We then headed over to the Golden Gate Park where we stopped by the Conservatory of Flowers. It was after 6PM so we didn’t get a chance to go inside but we did take advantage of the beautiful structure and took tons of pictures outside. There were a lot of people hanging out on the grass, playing games and just socializing. Others were strolling, walking their dogs and exploring with their kids.

I really loved seeing people actually out and about instead of cooped up in their homes or on their electronics. One man was even under this bridge (below) and was singing “Hallelujah”. His voice was so beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. Too bad he walked away after one song.

Last stop was walking around Stow Lake, which is also in Golden Gate Park. The sun was setting so we took a quick stroll and took some pics. See some shots below.

I loved these golden hour shots of me, G and the trees. So beautiful!

It was a long but lovely mini-adventure. I can’t wait for what’s in store next!!

If you want to check these spots out, see map below. 🙂

For inquiries, email me at hello[at]

♥ kai

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Coffee Shop Series No. 2! This post is long overdue. Just got back from our Europe vacation and now just getting back into the swing of things. So to celebrate my coming back to reality, my coffee-holic friend, G and I went to another coffee shop. This time in San Francisco, CA.
Our coffee shop destination is Home. We found this spot through Yelp! We we’re intrigued about their Birthday Cake Latte and Condensed Milk Toast. We left a little later in the day and got stuck in traffic and almost missed our chance to check it out.

The place had a clean and modern look. It had white walls, with a blue tile wall accent and the lit letter decor spelling the word, HOME. There was a huge skylight and the front windows let in a lot of natural light (perfect for selfies and taking coffee pics!) I love the simple design of the place and the home-y feel of it. I wish there was more seating, but they tell you to feel free and share tables with other people.

G decided to try the Birthday Cake Latte and I had the Nutella Hot Chocolate. I was sad because my cup was not as cute as G’s but at least it was DELICIOUS! I was also sad because they informed us that the kitchen is closed and that we cannot order the Condensed Milk Toast *sad face* We then sat and chatted up about my vacation and planned our future adventures over our yummy drinks. All of a sudden, it was closing time. I wish we could’ve stayed longer to take more pictures and enjoy the place. We’ll definitely go earlier next time.

*If you’re planning on checking this coffee shop out, make sure to check their hours (HERE)! Some drinks to try are the Birthday Cake Latte, Lavender Latte, Cookie Monster and Red Velvet Latte. Also try the Condensed Milk Toast.

That’s it for now, until next time!

♥ kai

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MINI-ADVENTURE 01: Dubz Against The World Art Exhibit

Hello there! If you didn’t know already, I am from the Bay Area. I live about 45 minutes away from San Francisco, and as you can probably tell from this post. I AM A WARRIORS FAN!


Last month, they had an art exhibit on anything and everything Warriors called #Dubz Against The World. It was at the SOMArts Cultural Center in SF and was for a limited time only, so of course me and my fellow “Splash Sister” had to go see it.

The ticket was pretty cheap at around $10 per ticket and I’m always down to go to the city to do some exploring. We decided to take Bart (our metro system) to avoid any slow traffic and paying parking fees…not to mention crazy drivers…just kidding, I AM THE CRAZY DRIVER. LOL! The Bart ride was good, but I didn’t account for the walking time from the Bart station to the actual place. It took us probably around 20-30 mins (with my short legs) to get there.

We got there early enough that there was not a lot of people. The walls was filled with different art works, and the tables with random Warriors items for sale. They had the place set up with a DJ, a bar and food trucks. I was surprised to see that the artworks on the walls were for sale too. I was tempted to snatch some but the ones I liked were too out of my budget. I did end up getting a poster! See some of the artworks below and comment on which ones you liked the best!


Here’s G exploring the wall of bball players XD…

…and ME. Hello there! 😀

Here are some drawings inspired by Jordan sneakers. So creative! ♥

I love the portraits above!

Below is one of my faves!
Riley Curry is so cute!

Splash Brothers… Bahahahaha XD

Be sure to comment which ones you like the most. Thanks for stopping by.

For inquiries, email me at hello[at]

♥ kai

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Style Snaps: Black & Gold with @JPINSIDER

While cleaning out my hard drive, I saw tons of old photos that I have not blogged about. Including this session! So I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from this photoshoot with travel and style blogger, Marika (@jpinsider).

We decided to meet up and shoot at the Ferry Building in the afternoon. The lighting was perfect and San Francisco is always a great backdrop. It was the first time I worked with Marika and she was just the sweetest, not to mention adorable! She even brought me a little bag of goodies!

She wore a black and gold outfit paired with a leather jacket, a matching bag and a fedora hat. If you like info on the items she’s wearing, check out her blog post here! This was such a fun shoot. Check out the rest of it below.

Thanks for stopping by!

For session inquiries, email me at hello[at]

♥ kai

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