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C O F F E E   &   A D V E N T U R E    |    0 2 . 0 1 .  2 0 1 7

I’m so excited for this new series! I will be visiting 100 coffee shops all over the bay (for now) to find spots with yummy coffee and teas. I’ve always love finding quaint and unique spaces; so that, plus my love of lattes, and taking photos, this series is perfect!


A Great View of the Grand Canyon

T R A V E L   &   A D V E N T U R E    |    0 1 . 1 3 .  2 0 1 7

During a trip to Las Vegas, NV last year, my family decided to take a 4-hour drive to the beautiful state of Arizona to take a looksie of the Grand Canyon. My mom has been wanting to go and we’ve been putting it off because it is a good 10-hour drive from the bay. The weather was WARM, even warmer than Las Vegas so we made sure to pack a lot of sun screen and hats. Even the drive up was beautiful, we stopped by for a stretch break and saw the beautiful view above.


B U S I N E S S   B L U R B S    |    0 1 . 0 8 .  2 0 1 7

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally here. I hope that everyone had a good holiday. I know everyone is probably getting back to their normal routines, which means it’s time to get back to work. Over the holidays, I put my inner #girlboss to work. I am so glad to be sharing with you what I have in store for this upcoming year.


H O L I D A Y   P O R T R A I T S   |    1 2 . 3 0 . 2 0 1 6

It’s the holidays and I just wrapped up this year’s Holiday Mini-Sessions. I was given the opportunity to capture this lovely family’s holiday photos this year and it was a blast. I loved everything that day. The weather was perfect. I especially loved their matching outfits and matching Timberlands for the boys. Here are some of my favorite shots!


F A M I L Y   P O R T R A I T S   |    1 1 . 3 0 . 2 0 1 6

I have been so busy with photo sessions and events that I am so behind on my blog posts. Here I am trying to get caught up so bear with me. This was a summer session that I did with this adorable family. It was a sunny morning in Concord and we decided to shoot at one of my favorite parks. The little cutie Kamila was rocking a red and blue tutu for Independence day and she was just cute as a button.


F A M I L Y   P O R T R A I T S   |    1 1 . 2 3 . 2 0 1 6

Before the end of summer, I had a chance to do a family portrait session with this adorable family. We decided to do it on a sunny weekend at a park in Concord. The leaves were just starting to change colors with the changing season, and the weather was perfect. Baby Santino was such a good baby and was cheesing’ the entire time. The session went great and was a total blast!




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